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We are a professional team of real estate, debt, and corporate revitalization investment experts. Seven Seas Advisors Co., Ltd. was established in July 2009 as an independent investment management company by its founders who have been engaged in real estate, debt, and corporate revitalization investments in Japan since the 1990s. The team is well-equipped to handle structured transactions of various asset classes and stages, starting from the evaluation of a potential target investment asset to the arrangement and execution of the transaction, as well as the on-going asset management and formulation of exit strategies. We provide stable, top tier investment management services while responding flexibly and quickly to changes in the market environment. We are recognized for our technical know-how and extensive network established through many years of investment activities in Japan. We are also known for our mobility and creativity as an independent firm, and today we are managing funds from various domestic and foreign investors. We seek to continue our role in activating the Japanese real estate and financial markets, through our Japan investment activities.