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Real Estate and Debt Investments

The main team members have been consistently involved in the real estate and asset securitization business since the early stages of the market in the 1990’s, and the team members (as both individuals and members of the team) have accumulated expertise and experience in related fields. Based upon our technical know-how and extensive networks, our team will determine optimal investment strategies for any given investment transaction, from origination and evaluation to asset management and exit strategies.

Real Estate Investments

We will not simply hold profit-earning (leased) assets, but instead will aim to maximize the cash flow and increase liquidity by reviewing both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ aspects of the property and creating ‘value-add’ type investment opportunities.
We will pursue origination of transactions focusing on the potential value of properties, regardless of their characteristics or location.

Description of the Business

Profit-earning (leased) assets, operational assets, value-add (“value-up”) assets, development assets, and rights adjustment type transactions, etc.
Offices, residential, retail, hotels and service facilities, commercial facilities, logistics facilities, golf courses, etc.
Engage in transactions throughout Japan, without restrictions on location
Capable of dealing with either trust beneficiary interests or the actual hard real estate assets

Debt Investments

We have handled a wide variety of debt transactions, with varying debt conditions and originators, in both collateralized and non-collateralized transactions. We work with traditional loans originated by the banks as well as non-specified monetary claims such as accounts receivables held by non-bank companies.

Description of the Business

Performing loans, sub-performing loans, non-performing loans, loans under legal liquidation proceedings (civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization) etc.
Loans to large companies, SMEs, SPCs (non-recourse loans), and individuals.
We handle specified monetary claims and non-specified monetary claims and both collateralized and non-collateralized loans.

Corporate Revitalization Investments

We provide revitalization support and investment to companies which require financial and management support. We are capable of handling both debt and equity transactions, ranging from providing know-how and creating various structures to procure risk capital, acquisition of loans from other creditors, rescheduling of loans to provide financial support, and acquisition of equity stake with a view to potentially becoming a sponsor.
We will provide hands-on support thorough the process of revitalization, using various methods appropriate for financial restructuring, such as debt-equity swaps (DES) and debt-debt swaps (DDS), TOBs, and deploying human resources including appointment of directors. We aim to maximize the corporate value of the target company by working with appropriate external professionals to identify and solve various issues in a flexible manner.

Description of the Business

  • Receiving assignment of loans, assuming corporate support and revitalization
  • Making investments in debt and equity taking into consideration future sponsors
  • Corporate revitalization support and investment, working together with financial institutions.

Asset Management

We formulate and implement business plans aimed towards maximizing investment returns with high probabilities of realization, by using our extensive technical know-how and networks fostered through many years of investment activities.

Real Estate

Capable of composing the most appropriate team for each transaction by taking advantage of our extensive network of professionals and service providers of various fields, such as design and construction companies, building management companies, leasing management companies, and real estate surveyors.
Increasing the value of tangible aspects of a property
- Renovation
- Conversion
- Restoration of legal compliance
Increasing the value of intangible aspects of a property
- Stabilizing of rents and costs at the appropriate level
- Analyzing the existing tenant mix and implementing necessary changes
- Reviewing of the current operations to improve efficiency
Implementing business plans which accommodate changes to real estate market conditions


Reliable loan portfolio monitoring and minimal reputation risk through seamless integration with the lawyers and the servicers (debt collection companies)
Negotiating and working with the equity investors and creditors to achieve corporate turnarounds, in addition to simple collection activities
Collaborate with the appropriate professionals suitable for each individual transaction
Facilitate negotiations through additional purchase of debt
Increase the value of real estate through acquisition of the collateral property

Description of the Business

  • Investment management business based on discretionary investment contracts
  • Investment advisory business based on investment advisory contracts
  • Type II Financial Instruments Business incidental to the investment management and investment advisory businesses.
  • Real Estate Joint Enterprise Business based on pre-fixed terms and conditions (Yakkan)